Last night I couldn’t get any sleep. It was just too damn hot in my room.

I kept tossing and turning, covering up and kicking the sheets off.

The ceiling fan was off, but the fan on the floor was on. I turned the tv/off and on a few times.


I called ER. I don’t know WTF I was thinking. I wanted to ask a nurse if I should come in, and the lady was just rude like, are you serious? I don’t know why I did that. My side has been bothering me.

I went to Urgent care today, they sent me to the E.R. (not by ambulance or anything) they told me to go there.

The process was easy, pretty much I’m being told that I have a cyst and lipoma.

I’m not sure if I’ll need surgery, it’s more like a small incision on my hip area. The only time it hurts or bothers me is when like someone presses it or touches it, then It’s almost paralyzing. I’m supposed to get a catscan or X-ray next Friday so..
I really feel like disconnected today. With everything and everyone.

I laid on the couch watching The Walking dead reruns over and over on Netflix.

I ate some soup, and today is just…ugh!


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