Pain killers , Kids & ADHD

I had a pain killer tonight. just one little pill. Made all the difference. I’m watching Intervention on LMN and…there’s not  a lot to say about anything.  I started online classes yesterday. I  got one book from a lady I met on facebook, I got that book for 20 bucks. plus she was cool, she gave me the notes, and a few tests from last semester in case some of the same questions were on it.  The other book my niece’s mom let me borrow this semester. Books are too damn expensive. Even college tuition itself is expensive.

Today: Boyfriend left his wallet at home when we went to the DMV to take his temps test. I feel like he’s a moron sometimes. Who forgets photo I.D. when going to the DMV. Sometimes It’s like dealing with a child with him. It gets to be so annoying. I drove back to his house without saying a word. he wanted to kiss me, and be affectionate and I was just on my mood like, ugh. Why? My valium were putting me in this state of like, I DONT CARE but the reality is, I want to block all this mess I don’t want to deal with. He’s older than me, and he doesn’t have his shit together. He only cares about his son it seems,  he always tells me he loves me, but …….. .I don’t know. He sees how rude his son acts, and he never says anything about it. I feel like this 5 year old hates me and Ive stopped giving a crap. I would never be mean to a child, I’ve been a step child, I know how bratty they can be. He’s always craving attention and getting smart. I started to ignore him because he’s so hyper. I don’t know what his issue is, but he has no manners. He isn’t being taught right.  I think he may have ADHD/ADD  or His mom was doing drugs while pregnant, He acts too hyper all day, and he never gets tired.  He stares at me all the time now (he never used to do that until he came back from summer vacation with mommy). – She’s weird. She acts like she wants the title of mommy but she only wants to be bothered when $$$ is involved. She seems like she lives a sneaky life. I don’t know much about her, but what I do know is my boyfriend stuck up for her 1 too many times for me. He sees her doing no wrong. That pisses me off to no end.  I’m done showing him she’s a bad mom. If he can’t see that it’s because he don’t wanna.

I told his dad, and I’m like he doesn’t even want us to kiss in front of him. He throws fits, or hits his dad, or says don’t do that etc. I said you  may need to sit him down and discuss our relationship. I shouldn’t be on eggshells around your kid, He used to be such a sweet kid. Now he’s turning into a little monster. I dont want him to be the dealbreaker, but I am using all my patience that I have in me not to just say – this is too much. His own mother abandoned him and then I gotta put him with his bratty ass. I’m like *shrugs* I can’t decide .

So I’ll continue to try and help my boyfriend get his driver’s license. I hope he sees the shit I go through. I often think if the shoe were on the other foot he would’ve left me alone a long time ago. It’s hard enough dating a man with a kid, but a kid that acts like this is annoying.

I dont care when people try to say children are innocent, not all of them. Some of them have been exposed to – too much adult life, and they have heard and seen a lot. They have developed bad habits. I think that’s his son’s case and yet half of the time he ignores it. It’s only going to get worse before it gets better . Since I”m not his mom, I don’t scold him like I would if he were my child. He would have respect for adults. And he definately wouldn’t be bratty.


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