Happy Mother’s Day

Well..here I sit working on my Final Exam for MS word class AOT127 blah .
I’m at my hubb’s house, and Chewy is here also.
My back is killing me something awful because I fell asleep with the a/c on.
Plus this air bed hurt my back like hell. I need to get up, shower and everything.
Get dressed etc. He went to work w/his son.
I’m kinda hungry but not really. I called & texted my mom for Mother’s day but she must have an attitude because I playfully hung up on her yesterday. she KNEW it was a joke now she wants to act all “in her feelings”. I don’t have the energy to concern myself with why she acts that way. If she calls back great. I’m sure she will surface tomorrow if she wants to. Feels like I’m the parent sometimes. I mean life is too short for bullshit. And she knew i needed to hang up. I told her like 5 times. And she kept talking. …But I guess I’ll get blamed for a playful…BYE mom. (hang up). Ah well.!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers by birth or otherwise.